26 Marylea Avenue
Pittsburgh | Pennsylvania

phone: 412.884.5850
fax: 412 | 884 | 9155
e-mail: jprokell@jimprokellstudio.com
website: www.jimprokellstudio.com


Jim Prokell, graphic designer, illustrator, portrait artist, and sculptor, is an expert in the creative process: leading the viewer or reader to actually “see” the value of a company, a product, a service, or a point of view. With a problem-solving and results-oriented approach, he uses an extensive design/visual vocabulary and a command of multiple media to merge business and design objectives to intrigue and capture the target audience and deliver a message with high impact, visual power, and memorability.

With a background in painting and teaching, Jim has earned more than 100 awards in graphic design, illustration and fine art. His portraits, paintings, and sculptures—from monumental bronzes to oils and watercolors, portraits and landscapes—hold pride of place in a myriad of public and private collections.